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Please take a moment to look through my artwork. I appreciate any feedback you have for me. Right now, I use mostly acrylics on various surfaces (wood, cardboard, paper). Soon I'll be experimenting with canvas. Thanks, Blick.
Here is my latest addition:
Etz Chaim / Tree of Life
Collage: paper and cardboard
This collage comes from pondering the image of a life free of drugs: birth control, asthma inhalers, acid reducers, even antidepressants. Interpret as you wish. Google Ivan Illich to get a better idea of my thoughts on the medical field. He died with a cancerous tumor on his face, of which he self-medicated (though doctors insisted that professionals needed to administer the medication). He said it was "his mortality."

Etz Chaim / Tree of Life
c2008 kdillman

Check back often to find out what I'm working on, and how it is going.

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